Calgary police responded to 15 locations that had received bomb threats on Thursday before determining there was no risk to the public.

Police say the first report of a threat was received at approximately 11:30 a.m. and a total of 15 businesses were reported to police. CPS officials believe there were additional individiuals and businesses who were targeted but have yet to come forward.

“In total, 15 events were called into police but it is believed that many more emails were likely sent to Calgary individuals and businesses,” said Insp. Melanie Oncescu of the CPS Real Time Operations Centre. "Investigators are working with law enforcement partners across North America and abroad to determine the origin of the email.”

Similar threats were issued across the continent and the threats are believed to be connected.

According to Oncescu, the known targets of the email threats appear to have been selected at random. There have been no reports of a victim complying with the demands and sending Bitcoin. “CPS is not aware of any person or business that actually transferred funds and fell victim to this scam.”

Oncescu says email scams are nothing new but says the approach of the offenders responsible for these threats is concerning. "What seems to have changed is the threat of violence.”

Anyone who receives a threatening email demanding Bitcoin is encouraged to contact the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234.

Location of the 15 bomb threats reported to police on December 13, 2018 (map courtesy: Calgary Police Service)