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Calgary's longest Bird e-scooter ride in 2021 was 20 times the national average

Bird Canada e-scooters are seen in Calgary. (Bird Canada) Bird Canada e-scooters are seen in Calgary. (Bird Canada)

Electric vehicle company Bird Canada has released details on the longest e-scooter ride recorded in Calgary this year, and it's more than 20 times the national average. 

The company says someone in Calgary rode a Bird scooter for 58 kilometres this year, the equivalent of going from Southcentre Mall to the airport and back.

Bird says the 58 kilometres were completed during one single trip with some stops along the way. 

The average length of a Bird e-scooter trip in Canada this year was 2.8 kilometres, up from two kilometres last year.

The second-longest Bird Canada trip this year was 43 kilometres in Windsor, followed by 39 kilometres in Edmonton, 31 kilometres in Okotoks, 28 kilometres in Red Deer, 27 kilometres in Kelowna, and 15 kilometres in St. Albert.

“The significant increase in the number of trips taken and jump in the average distance travelled reinforces that Canadians are increasingly adoptinge-scooters as a micromobility solution,” said Bird Canada CEO Stewart Lyons in a news release.

“Given the immediate environmental and economic impact of e-scooters, we anticipate many more cities across the country to explore e-scooters pilots in the future.”

Along with the longest trip, Calgary had the highest total number of trips taken on Bird Canada scooters in 2021, with 1,323,394 kilometres. 

"As the Canadian city with the longest-running e-scooter pilot program, Calgary took the top spot for number of trips taken, representing an increase of 187 per cent over 2020," a Monday news release explained.

Bird said the company saw 1.3 million trips taken across Canada in 2021 by 200,000 different users.

Bird was one of two e-scooters available for rent in Calgary in the summer of 2021, with Neuron Canada being the other.

To learn more about Calgary's shared E-scooter micromobility program you can visit the City of Calgary's website. Top Stories

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