A man who had been living in a shack set up in the middle of a Cardston couple’s driveway for just over a month has been ordered to leave by a court decision.

Bob Cox, 54, moved to the Southern Alberta community about a year and a half ago to be close to his ex-common-law wife and his two daughters.

His partner had been renting a home from Ivan and Marsha Negrych but she ended up moving out on September 30.

Ivan said he was told Cox would move out soon afterwards but he didn’t. Instead, he built a mini house on the driveway and refused to leave.

Negrych says he was forced to go to court after police said they couldn’t do anything to remove Cox, who hadn’t paid anything in rent or utilities.

The day before the case was to be heard, the Negrych’s learned that an acquaintance of Cox helped him move the home that had been built on a flatbed trailer.

A judge has since terminated any tenancy rights Cox had and gave permission to the Negrych’s to pursue a civil claim for damages and unpaid rent.

The Negrych’s are relieved that the ordeal is over.

(With files from CTV Lethbridge's Terry Vogt)