A career event on Saturday was packed with people looking for job-search tips.

Even though there are rumblings that the economy is improving, for many, the tough times are still very much here.

“I’ve been actively looking for paid employment for the last two years,” said Archana Vaideeswaran, who graduated from SAIT in 2010. “Either they’ll call you, give you raw feedback or they won’t call you at all. The competition is so high right now because the unemployment rate is so high.”

According to Statistics Canada, Calgary’s unemployment rate remained at 9.3 per cent in April, still the highest of major Canadian cities.

Even for those with work experience, the job search process can be frustrating.

“I have accounting, I have payroll experience, I have 30 years of experience, I moved here three years ago and I can’t find anything,” said Indu Sharma.

Career services professionals say updating online resumes is key in today's job market, as well as doing volunteer work.

“It’s really building your network, it’s getting out to events like this, meeting people, building connections will definitely advance you further,” said Chris Bruno, Bow Valley College.

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