The mother of a Whistler, B.C man missing since April 11, 2017 is in Banff following up on tips and putting missing posters up around town.

Heather Lynskey says her son, William, or Willy Lynskey, gave no indication to his family or his friends that anything was wrong other than to say he wasn’t feeling well.

Willy was 21-years-old at the time of his disappearance.

He was taking a computer course at BCIT and was about six weeks away from graduating.

“We had been down to see him on the April first weekend before he disappeared,” says Heather. “We celebrated his birthday with him. He did not give us any signs whatsoever that anything was wrong so whatever he was going through, whatever happened to him, he was not letting anyone else know.”

Whistler RCMP say Willy was seen on CCTV boarding a Greyhound bus to Edmonton about 7:00 p.m. on April 12, 2017 and checked into the Century Casino and Hotel the following day.

“He didn’t look troubled to them when he checked into the hotel in Edmonton,” says Heather. “He didn’t tell me he was in trouble but who gets onto a bus to Edmonton where he doesn’t know anyone?”

There was a cellphone ping around Calgary on April 14, 2017 which was enough for Vancouver police to determine he was safe but his phone has never turned on again, his family has still not heard from him and his social media and bank accounts haven’t been active.

 “It’s just been a constant search and a constant worry and a constant nightmare with no answers and not one bit of information from anyone anywhere,” says Heather.

Whistler RCMP say there is no evidence of foul play and the investigation remains active.

“We are treating this as a serious missing person case. My gut feeling is he is travelling and we would like to get in touch with him to confirm his wellbeing,” says Constable Steve LeClair.

The family says there was a stroke of luck when a woman posted a photo of Willy’s driver’s license on a Facebook page asking if it was Willy.

It had been found in the Cascade Mall.

“We were super excited but the ad was from October or November of 2017. It was the first and only sign we’ve had of my son being out there someplace,” says Heather.

She says this is very out of character for he son saying he was the type of person who would always let her know where was or that his cellphone battery was running low.

 “I’ve changed my thoughts about who my son is a million times depending on what tips have happened. At first I thought okay he’s very depressed. He’s left school because he doesn’t want to be in it. He needs a breather maybe he’s going to find a job somewhere else and let us know what he’s decided,” says Heather. “As time went on I was going okay this isn’t normal, something’s not quite right, he’s not calling. It’s just really strange that we haven’t heard from him that he settled somewhere so maybe something emotional or mental has happened to him that he’s never let anyone know about so that’s where I get worried.”

Heather says she’s gone through a lot many back alleys just waking people up to see if it’s Willy and she’ll never top looking for him.

“What can you do when your kid goes missing? You’ll do anything. I think he’s a troubled individual hiding for some reason that’s unknown to anyone.”

Willy is described as

  • Male
  • Caucasian
  •  Brown hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Height: 187 centimetres
  • Weight: 114 kilograms
  • When last seen, he had a full beard and short hair

If you have any information you’re asked to call  Whistler RCMP at 604-932-3044.