Calgary Crime Stoppers is teaming up with some big energy and telecommunications companies to try and prevent a crime that is growing in popularity.

The growing price of copper on world markets is making the theft of copper wire from construction sites and other areas a very tantalizing prospect for thieves.

Phone line cables owned by Telus have been targeted a number of times.

ConcoPhillips, Encana, Enbridge, Taqa, PennWest, FortisAlberta, Talisman, and Telus are all on board with the Crime Stoppers initiative.

“We are pleased with our collaborative joint forces initiative to combat copper metal theft in our province," says Roger Monette, President Calgary Crime Stoppers Association in a release. “Partnerships forged will educate and raise awareness of a growing epidemic that demands community knowledge and public reaction. Stakeholders engaged with this initiative, have joined forces with Calgary Crime Stoppers, to focus their interests and strike concerns for promoting public safety.”

The program will be officially launched on Wednesday morning during a luncheon in southwest Calgary.

Police arrested a 56-year-old man in October following a two month long investigation into copper theft from last August.

They seized $100,000 worth of stolen property during the arrest.

Copper currently trades at about $3.64 US per pound.