Mountain Shadows Gymnastics is where you'll find an extremely dedicated young athlete.  

13-year-old Kylee Rude has been a gymnast since the age of six.

“I was in recreation gymnastics and that was really fun,” says Kylee.  “I decided to try competitive because it meant you have to try harder and you had to do more things. It was more difficult moves that you had to try in your routines.”

These days, the straight A student trains 12 hours a week.  Her dedication led to a provincial title in 2011 and a second place finish in 2012.

“I learned that very small things can take you out of first or second,” says Kylee. “The reason I didn't get first is because I fell on a smaller move on the balance beam. I was exactly one point away from winning, which was my fall.”

“My goal is to do try to do really well in provincials this year in my level right now.  I want to move up a level next year or the year after.”

“It’s basically my life.  If I didn't do gymnastics, I don't know what I'd be doing,” says Kylee.  “I come here every day and I also have all my friends here and I have fun.”

Kylee hopes to have a great time when she competes in a January competition in Hawaii.

Kylee Rude is the CTV Athlete of the Week sponsored by Big Chief Beef Jerky.