Calgary fire crews were called back to a home in Varsity after flames were spotted in the wreckage of the house on Thursday night.

Sherri Nicholls was killed when a fire ripped through her home on Vauxhall Crescent N.W. on Wednesday morning.

Her son Danny escaped from the house and her husband Dave and 23-year-old daughter Sam weren’t at home at the time of the fire.

Sam was at the hospital getting ready for a bone marrow transplant to treat her leukemia.

The family held a press conference at the Varsity Community centre on Friday to update the community on how they are doing.

Kevin Handcock, Sam Nicholls' boyfriend, gave a statement saying that the family has suffered a terrible lost this week.

"We will always remember how Sherri loved to laugh and get together with family and friends," said Handcock.

Handcock says they are overwhelmed by the show of support and generosity.

"There's been so many wonderful people who have donated so much and we are sincerely thankful for all of it," said Handcock.

Handcock says Sam is in stable health and the family's basic needs have been taken care of.

"Thank you so much to everybody for all their generosity and all the love that they've offered us," said Sam Nicholls.

The Varsity Community Association is accepting donations on behalf of the family and a trust fund will be set up at RBC by Monday.

A facebook page has also been started to collect basic necessities. The page lists the items they need and what has been donated so far.

The home will have to be torn down and Investigators are still at the scene working to determine the cause.