A Calgary fisherman wants to warn people about a pack of wild dogs who tried to attack him.

Darryl Chobotiuk was fishing along the Elbow River in Griffith Woods Park on Sunday.

The river separates the park from the Tsuu T'ina Nation which is where the dogs appeared from.

Chobotiuk says he ended up waist depp in water to prevent the dogs from attacking him. He used the sound of his bear banger to scare the feral animals off.

Chobotiuk spent some of Monday posting signs in the area warning others about the dogs.

The dogs Chobotiuk encountered aren't the only strays roaming Tsuu T'ina land.

Calgary's bylaw services says many of the strays wandering on the reserve are from Calgary. "We have had reports of activity of people dropping off dogs at 37 Street, S.W. on Tsuu T'ina land," says Bill Bruce.

Bruce says the city has trapped 14 dogs on the reserve within the past month. Most of those dogs are in foster homes waiting to be adopted.