One of the largest film festivals in Canada is on in Calgary and avid moviegoers are able to catch as many as 200 films produced right here at home or from all around the world.

The CIFF has been running since 1999 and is enjoyed by as many at 50,000 people every year.

The CIFF is completely non-profit while creating a huge impact for Calgary's downtown.

Some of the films include:

‘The Chocolate Farmer', a feature on the life of a chocolate farmer in Belize who takes pride in his work even though his children look to more modern employment for themselves.

‘Servitude', a comedy about a young man forced to work one last shift at a go nowhere job at a fast food restaurant after staff succumb to an illness they got from tainted chicken wings.

‘Weibo's War', a documentary about Weibo Ludwig, the leader of a Christian community that was thrust into the media spotlight when his batting with the oil industry culminated with a 16 year old girl being fatally shot on his property.

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