City council's decision to take fluoride out of Calgary's drinking water has many citizens wondering why they weren't asked to decide if it should be changed.

Council passed a motion on Tuesday to reverse a 1991 decision and stop fluoridating the water.

They voted 10 – 3 to stop the practice and did not ask the public to weigh in through a plebiscite.

Many are pleased with the decision, but others are outraged and think they should have had a say in the matter.

"I think it's disgraceful that they're determining this at the council when it was brought in on the plebiscite, when they had a series of plebiscites on whether to keep it or to get rid of it and now they're just throwing that model out and saying city council will vote," said Duane Bratt from Mount Royal University.

The city held a plebiscite more than 20 years ago on the issue when it was decided to add fluoride to the water.

The change could take several months as Alberta Environment will have to make an amendment to the water licence.