Calgary is about to join other major metropolitan centres in a food revolution that will see vendors set up on Calgary streets offering a variety of culinary delights.

Calgary has not had any food vendors on public streets because rules prevent anything but ice cream sales at the curb side.

Currently, vendors must set up on private property like parking lots to beat the bylaw.

Now half a dozen entrepreneurs in the city are pushing to change that.

They say Calgarians are ready for street food and they want the bylaws changed.

The mayor is on board and has convened a working group to cut through the red tape so carts can hit the streets sooner rather than later.

"I want to see a vibrant street food culture. You know someone who works in my office spent a day in Vancouver where I think they ate at 17 food trucks and to me that's pretty exciting," said Mayor Nenshi, "It gives people a lot of options. It gives people a reason to be out on the street interacting with other people in the community and it gives a bunch of people who really want to serve this food the ability to start their own business without the huge startup costs of starting a restaurant."

A showcase of food trucks along Stephen Avenue Walk is planned for the second week in August.

The Mayor expects food trucks will be able to sell their products on city streets by mid August.