CALGARY -- There's some egg-citing news happening at the Calgary Zoo as gentoo penguins Georgia and Cooper hatched the first chick in three years, officials announced Tuesday.

“The entire gentoo colony seems excited about this special arrival, keeping a close eye on the newest member,” said Jamie Dorgan, director of animal care.

“The hatchling appears to be doing well and we’re leaving it to mom and dad to do what they know is best.”

Georgia was hatched at the Calgary Zoo in July 2014, while Cooper, born in 2008, is a native of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. 

The Calgary Zoo’s last gentoo chick, Onyx, was hatched in 2017 to parents, Akio and Una.

Gentoo penguins are the third largest penguin species, reaching a maximum weight of eight kilograms.

Male and female penguins take turns incubating their eggs, which usually lasts between 34 and 37 days.

Gentoo penguins usually mate with the same partner every year.