The city is looking at ways to get Calgarians to reduce the amount of garbage they create.

Starting this summer, a new automated black cart garbage collection program will be rolled out.

Every home will get a large black cart which is similar in size to the current blue cart.

The city is also considering charging Calgarians $2.30 for every extra bag of trash left outside the black cart.

At this point, officials do not think there will be many tags sold for the extra bags. "We feel that we've hit so solidly on the right size cart that about 80 percent of our customers are well served by that size," says Dave Griffiths, the director of waste and recycling.

Six communities have taken part in a pilot program for the black carts and only 13 percent of households were putting out extra bags.

The city is also considering giving home owners the option of using smaller black carts.

One alderman has proposed reducing garbage collection costs for those who use the smaller carts and produce less garbage.

No decision on this option will be made until after the standard black cart program is up and running.