Two Calgarians who have had a professional relationship for years were surprised after a DNA test revealed that their relationship was more personal than they first thought.

With more than two decades as a hairstylist Troy Winget estimates he’s had over 2,000 clients, but he never imagined a half-sibling would have been sitting in his chair for years, unbeknownst to him.

“Me and Andrea became really close probably within a year. She would come in every six weeks and get her hair done and I would look forward to it,” said Winget.

It was during one of those visits in October that Andrea Quint Fleck revealed she was going to take a DNA test in hopes of finding out more about her ancestry, as her father was adopted as a baby.

The results indicated that she is of Chinese and South Asian descent and that led to the discovery of a half-uncle and half-brother.

Troy also had some questions about his father and submitted his own request. In April the pair connected the dots and discovered they were half-siblings

“I almost dropped my phone. I said to him, 'That’s Troy that’s my hair dresser, that’s my hair stylist!  I know that man, I know him well,'” said Quint Fleck. "I found someone I never knew I was missing."

The pair has now grown a lot closer and talk almost every day.

They wanted to share what they went through with others who may be contemplating finding out about their own family history.

“We all have a history, we all have a family story. Hopefully we’ve inspired people to take that journey through DNA or ancestry,” said Winget.