A Calgary woman has faced more than her share of setbacks over the years and is our CTV Calgary Inspiring Albertan this week.

Karon Argue’s severe diabetes brought on neuropathy which put her in a wheelchair.

She learned to walk again even though she has no feeling in her legs below the knees.

While she was running her own graphics design business she went blind in one eye and now has only 20 percent sight in the other.

She has faced more than her share of setbacks but her husband Darren says she refuses to let it keep her down.

“Goes through an experience, an issue and we get through that and it seems like no time later some other symptom pops up and we go through it again and through that she just keeps going,” said Darren.

Karon sold her graphics business and decided to focus her talents on illustrating children's books.

“It's just something that I’m very, very passionate about and I think when you're passionate about something it just kind of drives you to want to do it. And this is just my little area, I don't have kids at home anymore so I’ve really started to focus on my art again,” said Karon.

Karon says it gives her pleasure to focus on material for kids. “I like drawing kind of fun, whimsical, quirky characters and I think that's what appeals to little kids,”

Freelance writer, Pat Fream recently wrote an article about Karon for Routes Magazine and says she was truly inspired by what she learned.

“Her courage was astounding but even more so, she told me the story and she had this smile on her face and she had tenderness in her voice and I didn't sense any regret. I didn't get a hint of bitterness or resentment,” said Fream.

Fream marvels at Karon's courage but also her refusal to let her blindness keep her from doing what she loves.

“I couldn't actually believe that she could be functioning in her own home let alone being able to do the detailed graphic work that she does,’ said Fream.

For her perseverance and desire to give kids pleasure in books, Karon Argue is this week's Inspiring Albertan.