Now that Justin Trudeau has set a date for the federal election next month, Alberta's premier is working to sway voters to the right side of the political spectrum.

Kenney spoke with reporters on Wednesday morning in Calgary and said a re-election of the federal Liberals would devastate the province.

"Mr. Trudeau’s policies have helped to deepen and prolong a period of economic decline and stagnation in this province and manage to kill tens of thousands of jobs and reduce incomes for hundreds of thousands of Albertans."

Kenney also criticized Trudeau’s approval of Bills C-69 and C-48 and noted his recent constitutional challenge of both pieces of legislation he refers to as the "no pipelines law."

"Obviously, we will work responsibly with whatever government Canadians elect, but I hope that will focus on jobs, growth, the cost of living, opposing a carbon tax, repealing Bill C-69 and fairness and unity within the federation," he said. "That would not be a second Trudeau government."

Kenney also said he will do everything he can to support the federal Conservatives, but it’s not yet known if he will help with campaign efforts outside of the province.

Meanwhile, federal candidates are ramping up their five-and-a-half week campaigns in Calgary.

There are 10 seats up for grabs in Cowtown.

The city has historically voted Conservative, but voted in two Liberal members of Parliament in 2015.

Kent Hehr was elected for Calgary-Centre and will be seeking re-election.

Darshan Kang, who resigned from the Liberal caucus amidst sexual harassment allegations, sat as an Independent and will not be seeking re-election.

Several Calgary Conservative MPs will seek the opportunity to once again represent their constituencies in Ottawa including Michelle Rempel, Tom Kmiec, Pat Kelly, Len Webber and Ron Liepert.

Stephanie Kusie and Bob Benzen, both Conservatives elected in 2017 by-elections, will also be putting their hats in the ring.

The Conservatives have named candidates in all 338 ridings across the country.

The Liberals still have some work to do on nominations, including the announcement for a candidate in Calgary-Midnapore.

All candidates need to nominated by September 30 to be eligible for election day on October 21.

For a full list of Calgary candidates, click HERE.