A laser treatment is being used to reduce scarring after invasive surgery and is making a big difference in the lives of the patients who try it.

Joyce Lowe noticed a brown spot on her face and thought it was just an age spot.

It turned out to be skin cancer and Lowe required extensive surgery to remove the cancerous tissue.

Afterwards, Lowe ended up with a long scar and indentation on her face so she decided to have laser treatment.

The Fraxel Laser is used for skin resurfacing and makes microscopic holes in the scar.

The skin is essentially aerated and allows new healthy collagen to move in which plumps up and smoothes out the scar.

Lowe had six treatments and now that the scar is reduced, she says her self esteem is restored.

"It brings you back to being able to be yourself. The difference is dramatic. I'm sorry it is very emotional for me. If you've had any other scars within your body, those scars you can hide, but something on your face, people always look at you," said Lowe.

The cost of the laser treatment is not covered even though the scar is a result of cancer treatment.