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Lethbridge man charged over six incidents where women were approached and solicited

An undated photo showing a Lethbridge Police Service vehicle. (Supplied) An undated photo showing a Lethbridge Police Service vehicle. (Supplied)

A Lethbridge man has been charged in connection with six different incidents where women were approached and solicited.

Between April 9 and 15th, police responded to multiple reports of a suspicious man who would approach young girls and women, and ask them to hang out.

He tried to get them to get in his vehicle and in some incidents, offered them cash to do so.

Police said 10 different victims ranging in age from 11 to 45 came forward.

All 10 of them said no, but the man would persist, asking again, causing the victims to fear for their safety.

Five incidents took place on the west side and one on the south side.

In most incidents, he was inside his vehicle and pulled alongside the victims. In one instance, he was reported to solicit staff and customers inside a grocery store, where he was recorded on surveillance video.

After a number of social media posts describing these incidents were posted, the man was identified and arrested.

Yahya Mehmet, 30, was charged with criminal harassment.

After a bail hearing,Mehmet was released with conditions, including no contact with the victims, a weapons prohibition and no contact with anyone under 16 except customers at his workplace or staff at someplace he’s shopping at.

He’s scheduled to appear in court on May 17. Top Stories

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