LETHBRIDGE -- Effective Jan. 31, plastic bags will be no more at one Safeway location in Lethbridge.

Dave Sawchuk, manager of the Lethbridge West Safeway says it’s a great opportunity to show that the company cares about the environment.

“We’re taking on this initiative just to show that we are environmentally friendly as a grocery retailer," Sawchuk said.

Instead, the company is now offering reusable bags, which customers pay a nominal amount for.

“We do have environmental bags throughout the store," Sawchuk said.  "So everybody is well aware (when there are no more plastic bags available), to help support the environment by purchasing one of these environmental bags.”

Kathleen Sheppard, executive director of Environment Lethbridge praised the move.

“It’s great to see Sobeys’s and Safeway taking the lead on this," said Sheppard. "The average Canadian uses about 430 plastic bags a year, which is about 15 billion plastic bags a year.” 

The Liberal government is working on a plan to ban all single-use plastics such as bags, straws and cutlery as soon as 2021. 

Customers CTV spoke to were pleased with the move.

“They shouldn’t be using the single use plastic bags anymore so I think it’s fantastic," said Joyce Farough of Stirling. "Way to go Safeway."

“Just figure, (that) every bag that doesn’t end up in our landfill, is a win to our environment.”