Alberta's Health minister has unveiled a new plan to try and avoid medical mistakes.

It's called the Patient Safety Framework for Alberta.

It lays our several key strategies for dealing with medical errors.

One of the key items in the report is acknowledging mistakes happen and setting up a system where those mistakes can be reported without health care workers fearing the consequences.

That's something patient advocates have wanted for years.

Ricky Lundy from the Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society says "it's important when something goes wrong that medical professionals say yes we made a mistake and we are sorry about it so our patient can move on".

John Cowell from the Health Quality Council of Alberta says "these are human values we believe in our system. Our people have said this to us, our citizens are saying it to us repeatedly, and the frame work recognizes this".

Alberta Health claims the Framework on Patient Safety will be implemented immediately, maintaining it will not add costs to the health care budget.