Brentwood LRT was closed for several hours after police were called to investigate a situation between a man and Calgary Transit police on Tuesday night.

Officers were called to the station at 10:30 p.m. to aid transit officers in the arrest of a male suspect, in his 40s, at the scene.

They say that arrest was the result of a routine fare check conducted at the station and the suspect had attempted to escape custody before he was apprehended.

When police arrived, Calgary Transit police had the man under arrest but he was found to be in medical distress.

The man was taken to Foothills Hospital in life threatening condition.

Police have no details on what sort of medical condition the man had or what sort of injuries he suffered.

Shuttle buses were set up to help passengers to get to the adjacent stations.

Investigators say they are looking into surveillance video taken from the scene to determine exactly what happened.

Calgary Transit isn't commenting on the incident, except to say that it will conduct it's own investigation once the police have completed theirs.