While Canada’s women’s soccer team suffered a disappointing loss to Germany in the Olympic semi-finals Tuesday afternoon, soccer enthusiasts in Calgary are still finding something to cheer about. A major new soccer facility is in the works and it will allow athletes to develop their skills year-round.

The new complex will house the Calgary Foothills Soccer Club and will have more than 7,400 square metres (80,000 square feet) of turf, including Calgary’s only FIFA-approved, full-sized indoor field. It will also feature an enhanced Sports Science Department with a large gym an exercise room, and an area for coach education.

Foothills Soccer Club Technical Director, Tommy Wheeldon Jr. says the new facility will make a big difference for athletes training here. It will allow them to hone their outdoor skills in an indoor setting during our long winter.

“We want to be better. Our mission as a youth club is to make a positive difference in the Canadian game. We’re playing our part,” said Wheeldon Jr.

Private investors are putting up the $10-million to build the facility and the Foothills Club will rent it for 30 years. Football, lacrosse, field hockey and ultimate Frisbee will also have access to the turf.

“In this current economy, we couldn’t just push on the government to say, ‘Hey, listen,’ cap in hand, ‘can you create this for us?’ We had to show willingness and we also have to show business acumen.”

Ground has already been broken on the new soccer complex. It is expected to be completed in January 2017.