The province has put together 16 new performance measures for Alberta Health Services in an effort to streamline the system so it is easier to understand and interpret.

AHS says the revised measures reflect a goal and standard to be achieved over time and that the targets have been set for two consecutive years.

The new performance measures include:

  1. Satisfaction with hospital care
  2. Satisfaction with long-term care
  3. Hospital acquired infections
  4. Hand hygiene
  5. Hospital mortality
  6. Emergency Department wait to see a physician
  7. Emergency Department length of stay for admitted patients
  8. Emergency Department length of stay for discharged patients
  9. Access to radiation therapy
  10. Continuing care placement
  11. Actual length of hospital stay compared to expected stay
  12. Early detection of cancer
  13. Mental health readmissions
  14. Surgery readmissions
  15. Heart attack mortality
  16. Stroke mortality

“We worked with stakeholders to develop performance targets that will be challenging, yet achievable,” said Dr. John Cowell, AHS Official Administrator. “Where possible, we also added measures that align with national standards because Albertans want to know how our ability to take care of them compares to other health services in Canada,” Dr. Cowell said.

To view the full performance report, click HERE or see the document below.