RCMP say charges will not be laid against a horse slaughterhouse in Fort Mcleod.

In April the slaughtering plant, operated by a Calgary-based company, was investigated for alleged animal cruelty.

A warning: the subject matter in this story may be disturbing to some.

The investigation comes after a complaint against a slaughterhouse owned by Bouvry Exports Calgary Limited.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) filed the complaint after receiving hidden video shot in the slaughterhouse on February19th.

The group says the video graphically depicts horses being shot, but they don't die immediately, and they're left to suffer.

CHDC believes the horses don't appear to be restrained properly, they says the animals are shot from too great a distance and from the wrong angle, and aren't always killed by the shot.

RCMP officials say they found no evidence of intent to cause cruelty to any of the horses at the slaughterhouse so no charges will be laid.