Stroke specialists at the Alberta Children's Hospital are trying out an old therapy on a new group of patients; patients such as 15 -year-old Alana Ramsay, who had a stroke a birth.

Dr. Adam Kirton is using Tran cranial magnetic stimulation or TMS to improve the function of the right side of Alana's body which was affected by the stroke.

The technology is 25 years old, but never been used on children before.

Alana is one of 65 children between the ages of 6 and 18 taking part in a study to learn more about this treatment for perinatal strokes. It is hoped this study will help participants to improve the use of their limbs with TMS.

About 100 children are affected by perinatal strokes every year in Alberta. That means they either had a stroke in the womb, or in the first 28 days after their birth.