Officials with the Calgary Humane Society have fined the owner of a dog a year after it was found severely injured and in medical distress.

On January 10, 2012, authorities with the Calgary Humane Society were called to a home where there were reports of a dog being mistreated.

Upon arrival, they found ‘Nicky’, a six-year-old Bichon Frise, who was injured and in distress due to a lack of care.

The owner surrendered the dog to the authorities.

Once in the clinic, they found that Nicky had an intact rubber band embedded in its neck which was causing significant damage.

Doctors, who removed the band and cared for the animal, estimate that the rubber band was around the animal’s neck for six to eight weeks.

On Tuesday, peace officers laid charges under the Animal Protection Act against Nicky’s owner.

They’ll face a $1,500 fine and a ten year prohibition from owning or caring for animals.

Officials say it was an act of senseless cruelty. “It was two months of clear and obvious medical neglect. We are satisfied with the outcome, specifically the decade of prohibition of owning or being around animals,” says Brad Nichols, Department Head of Protection and Investigations.

Nichols says that neglect of severe medical concerns will not be tolerated.

Nicky has been given a fresh start after being adopted into a new home.

The Calgary Humane Society says it often takes up to a year for formal charges to be laid against the owners of mistreated animals.