The city is putting several of its parking lots along 16th Avenue up for sale and that has some business owners along the road concerned that their customers will have nowhere to park.

There is no on-street parking on 16th Avenue but there are a few city lots in between businesses.

In December city council decided the lots were surplus and should be sold off.

Now businesses along the busy strip of road are worried that their customers will disappear along with the parking stalls.

“That's the greatest fear is losing your customers all together. People don't want to go where they can’t park,” said Doug Stone from Radiocrafts.

Radiocrafts has been at this location for 71 years and the shop is one door down from a city lot that is now up for sale.

Stone is angry that he only found out about the city’s plan to sell after the decision was already made.

“We were never consulted whether they were being used or not used. We literally were never told these parking lots were surplus, the only way we found out was that we were an adjacent property owner,” said Stone.

The Calgary Parking Authority manages the lots on behalf of the city and also collects the revenue but it says as far as profits go the lots are barely worth the effort.

“They aren’t significant revenue generators in that the parking authority pays the taxes on the land and the revenue generated goes to pay the taxes associated,” said Troy McLeod of the Calgary Parking Authority.

The parking authority paid over $8600 in taxes for one lot while charging motorists between $50 and $70 a month for a spot and says that the lot beside Radiocrafts didn't earn anything.

The lot used to have meters but the city took them out and Stone says that is why the lot isn't making money.

“We have no alternative. These parking lots were designed to help the businesses in the area just because they lost revenue for the last three years because they didn’t put the meters back doesn’t' make them surplus,” said Stone.

The city's Corporate Properties Department is actually in charge of the land sale and confirms that the lots will likely be listed for sale by the end of the month.