It will be a few more months before Calgarians will be able to use the controversial and much delayed Peace Bridge.

A concrete problem has forced a new delay in the opening of the 130 metre single span bridge that extends from the north to the south side of the Bow River.

The project was originally supposed to be completed in October 2011, but that date was pushed back to early 2012.

Now, Calgarians will have to look forward to a spring opening.

Councillor Druh Farrell says that she is not too surprised by the deadline extensions, but says it's time the construction company came up with a firm completion date.

Previous delays on the bridge have been attributed to faulty welds, design issues, and the fear of cost overruns.

According to reports, the Peace Bridge is still on budget despite the delay.

Back in April 2011, Alderman John Mar said he is confident that the project won't cost taxpayers any more.

"This is a fixed-price contract," said Mar, who supported the project when it was first before council and continues to stand behind it.

"I support the theory of it - right now, it's tainted, it's in great difficulty in terms of the execution, but the theory of it and why it was built."