A Calgary senior is left wondering who will pay for repairs after a local company showed up and started ripping shingles off the roof of her garage.

Linda Cox could not believe her eyes when she found a roofing company peeling the shingles off the roof of her garage.

The Calgary senior says her roof is just a couple of years old and that she didn’t order the work.

“I was upset that I’ve got a man tearing my brand new roof apart,” said Cox.

Cox confronted the worker and he pulled out his phone to call his boss.

“He was quite confused and he said I phoned my boss and asked that there was nobody home should I start? And I said did you not think that this is a brand new roof? Did you not think that maybe you had the wrong address? And he said well I phoned my boss and he told me to rip it off anyway” said Cox.

Cox talked to the boss on the worker’s phone and says he started to curse at her and hung up on her.

“He told the boy not to give me any information, absolutely no information so I phoned 911,” said Cox.

She says the boss finally showed up and told her that the work order had the wrong address on it.

The roofing company said it was an honest mistake but wouldn't give Cox the name of the business, fearing their reputation would suffer.

Cox was worried that she wouldn’t have any recourse to have her roof fixed.

“It's very upsetting.  I’m shaking, I’ve had the police over. Yeah it’s very upsetting. I take pride in my yard, I try to fix it up, it's extremely upsetting,” said Cox.

CTV News spoke to the Better Business Bureau about Cox’s complaint.

The BBB says having someone erroneously tear the roof off your house isn't one of their more common complaints and says that customers need to be vigilant about being able to track down the contractor later should problems arise.

“If you can't get a business card, get a name and a phone number and get the licence plate of the vehicle as well,” said Cami Leard from the BBB.

Cox did get the roofer’s name and licence plate number so she knows who to chase for payment for repairs.

The company that made the mistake came back later and said they would make it right but the original roofing company has to make the repairs or Cox will forfeit her warrantee.

The company that did the original work will not be charging Cox for the work and will be looking to the company that made the mistake to cover those costs.

(With files from Bridget Brown)