Police are still searching for leads into what happened in northeast Calgary on Monday where a man was found dead inside a car.

They aren’t drawing any connection to an earlier incident just a block away where a man and a woman reported a home invasion involving a gun.

Neighbours, however, are convinced the incidents are linked.

They say they heard a commotion in the alley behind 28 Ave. N.E. and noticed a car parked inside an alley.

“I heard a funny noise. I didn’t know what it was. My wife and I thought it was something upstairs or something,” says Omar Mendez.

Investigators found a man’s body slumped over in the blue Volkswagen SUV around 9:40 a.m.

They spent most of the day examining the vehicle, and have determined the man’s death is suspicious, but they aren’t saying much more than confirming that they are exploring the possibility of a connection with a home invasion.

Police are still investigating the apparent shooting and home invasion too, where they found the pair who reported the attack gone and blood smeared over a wall in the apartment.

Dean Chapman says he called 911 when the man and woman appeared on his doorstep begging for help.

“I brought him in because he was bleeding and all. He was watching out the window and all of a sudden he saw a blue car drive away and all of a sudden he opened up the door, they both took off and that’s the last I saw of them.”

Police are now searching the neighbourhood to find out what happened.

Neighbours, meanwhile, say they aren’t surprised about the issues originating from the home. “There were a couple of incidents this summer that sparked our imagination but no I’m not surprised.”

Police have tracked down a woman who they believe is from the home invasion.

She is not cooperating with investigators.