A Calgary woman says a roofing company damaged her house and won’t cover the cost of the repairs.

Denise Brochu wasn’t planning on re-roofing her house, but she may have to now. The roof has holes in it after a roofing company mistakenly delivered shingles to her home.

The shingles were meant for a nearby house. When that homeowner notified Kenroc Building Supplies of the error, they removed the stacks of shingles from Brochu’s house, but left nail holes in the roof from where they had nailed down 2 by 4 boards to hold the stacks of shingles. Brochu said she was never notified.

“If it wasn’t for my neighbor saying something to me, I would never have known that there was anything done to my roof,” she said.  “You can’t look up there and see the damage from the street.”

Brochu says the repair estimates she got from several roofers came in around $7800.  But Kenroc's insurance company has offered only $1900 to do a partial repair.

“I have to pay a deductible between $300 and $1000 we’ve been told, and my premiums go up 10% per year for five years,” she said.

Brochu’s roof is made of pine shakes that cannot be matched. If she wants a whole new roof instead of a partial repair, it could cost $15,000 and $45,000.

CTV contacted Kenroc Building Supplies and received this statement from their general manager Jeff Syvret via email:

“… As we are continuing to work with our insurance company and the homeowner to resolve the situation, we cannot provide comment at this time…”

Brochu said her insurance company will pay for a partial repair but not a full roof replacement.