Major donation to SAIT Polytechnic will enable students to have access to some new high-tech tools to help them achieve success in their chosen field.

The donations include an executive jet, a simulator for petroleum engineering ,  a digital printing press and funds to support counselling and academic assistance.

David Ross, President and CEO of SAIT Polytechnic  says  SAIT wouldn’t be as successful as it is, without their supporters.

‘Today you are seeing  four very important partners step forward providing equipment providing opportunity  for our students. And as part of our version of building a world class institution which is what Calgary deserves, this is a critical piece that our students can find future success in and it’s an important day at SAIT,’ said Ross.

Wayne Henuset and Richard Stewart donated the $2.5 million twin-engine corporate jet.

Wayne Henuset  is the owner of Willow Park Wines and Spirits, while his business partner,  Richard Stewart is the Founder and CEO of Visions Electronics.

Henuset says the jet is only three years old and was used just prior to being donated.

“We flew it all over the place, and in fact the day before we donated it, it had just flown back from Phoenix, and so the day before it came from Phoenix, and the next day it’s in the hangar for the students to use,” said Henuset.

Janelle Dodier and Conrad Van Der Eyk are first year students in SAIT’s aviation program and say they couldn’t be happier with being on the receiving end of such a generous donation.

“It’s not every day  that SAIT  gets a new aircraft donated, so it’s pretty exciting to know that we’re going to get to work on something new next year, and they probably don’t want us messing this one up because it’s so  new hahaha,’ said Dodier and Van Der Eyk.

Besides, the corporate jet, Gordon and Sheryl Dibb donated $1 million to the MacPhail School of Engineering,  Xerox donated $800, 000 to the School of Information and Communications Technologies.

And Trevor and Gail Lamb donated $700, 000 to the Learner Success Centre.

(with files from Kevin Fleming)