Many students at Calgary's largest catholic high school are upset over a skateboard ban.

"I'm upset," says John Maitland, a Grade 12 student at the school. "All I want is to go inside the school and put my longboard, or skateboard, in my locker and come out with it so I can go to school faster."

St. Francis Senior High School implemented the ban because of worries the skateboards could be used as weapons.

Administrators won't discuss any specific incidents that may have led to the policy but say the skateboards are a safety concern.

"Some safety issues did arise and some schools have had to go further with their policies related to skateboards so they could not be brought to school at all," says Janet Sutherland, a spokesperson for the Calgary Catholic School District.

"What is our world coming to when we can't even carry skateboards around because they're considered weapons," questions Dylan Wilson, a Grade 10 student at St. Francis.

Students tell CTV News they have never seen, or heard, about any violent incidents in their school involving a skateboard.

Some argue a car is more of a weapon than the board. "If we're allowed to drive to school, we should be allowed to longboard to school," says student Janelle Mildenberger.

Maitland is so upset by the new policy that he has started a petition which more than 800 students have already signed. He plans to present the petition to school officials on Tuesday.