Lawyers for a Calgary woman who killed her 14-year-old daughter during a fight say she shouldn't go to prison.

A judge is hearing sentencing arguments in the case of Aset Magomadova.

She was convicted of manslaughter for strangling her daughter Aminat in 2007 with a scarf.

During her trial, Magomadova testified that Aminat attacked her with a chair and threatened her with a knife.

The teen had a history of drug abuse.

Prosecutors say Magomadova should spend 12 years in prison.

Much of the focus of the hearing is on the trauma Magomadova suffered during the Chechen War.

A psychologist is on the stand Wednesday talking about Magomadova's mental state.

The 39-year-old refugee's husband was killed by a bomb in Chechnya.

She was badly wounded during the Chechen war.

When she came here in 2003, her children had a tough time adjusting to life in Canada.

Aminat got in trouble with the law and drugs.

But prosecutors point out that Magomadova showed no remorse or even regret for her daughter's death.

They say she sees herself as the victim.

Doctor Patrick Baillie says Magomadova suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

The defence is asking for probation, and the judge has repeatedly questioned whether Magomadova poses a threat to the public.

The case adjourned Wednesday afternoon. A decision is expected July 15th.