Humane Society officials have seized 53 dogs and other pets from a northeast home and say the influx of animals into the facility over the last few weeks has pushed kennel space beyond capacity.

Peace officers seized the dogs along with three cats and two turtles from the home on October 5 and say they were in distress and found in unsanitary conditions.

Officials say more than 300 animals have been taken in by the facility over the last two weeks and that it is now over capacity.

Last year, the shelter admitted 205 animals during this same time period and officials say the seizure in the northeast is part of a recent trend of mass intakes.

The investigation into the most recent seizure continues and officials say many of the animals will require ongoing care and attention.

“This volume of animals in such a short period of time is unusual however is definitely not unheard of. This team is incredibly experienced and skilled at caring for this number of animals and we also have a large group of dedicated volunteers and foster parents we can lean on, who are invaluable,” said Carrie Fritz, Executive Director for Calgary Humane Society.

Fritz says the society is working on a plan for the animals.

“What we are asking for from the Calgary community now is patience as a plan is put into place for each animal. Support, in the form of donations is always greatly appreciated during these times to help cover the cost of care and the public can also help by volunteering, fostering and adopting,” she said.

The society’s main fundraising event, Cocktails for Critters is on October 14th at the Westin.

For more information on the event, click HERE.