CALGARY -- Santa Claus is making sure he receives the wishes of all Calgary kids, no matter their ability to hear him ho ho ho in response.

Calgary’s Inside Out Theatre Company organized an event on Saturday especially for deaf and hard of hearing kids, featuring a Santa and elves who were equally jolly as they were well-versed in American Sign Language.

Father Marc Racine said it was the first time his deaf son had really communicated with Santa.

“He’s a little bit in shock,” Racine said of his son, Liam.

“I think it’s amazing because in any part of life you’re looking for community to be around, to feel included.”

Organizer Landon Krentz said he was inspired to improve the holiday experience.

“I grew up with no real connection to Santa Claus. Santa Claus never spoke the same language as I did,” Krentz told CTV News Calgary.

Another parent said the event empowers children like his deaf son, three-year-old Curtis Husom.

“It gives him the understanding … that he has that access to communication if he wants to communicate with Santa Claus in sign language. That’s his choice now.”

It’s the first time the signing Santa has sat down with children in Calgary, but organizers say it won’t be the last.

With a report form CTV Calgary’s Chris Epp