An Alberta woman with a fair share of trouble behind her is happy that she can help other women with a recovery home that has opened in High River.

Kimberley Courtney, the founder of the Narrow Road Home Recovery House, says that she was finishing her Master’s degree in psychology when her life completely fell apart.

“I was a single mother with three kids and I really struggled with where to go and where I could go and fall apart somewhere safely.”

Three years ago, Courtney bought a historic home in High River for her to live with her three children, but the 2013 flood got in the way.

“It was a rough time for everyone,” says Courtney. “During that time, I took in some women, some young ladies that were struggling with addictions.”

Instead of a family home, she made the decision to turn the former bed and breakfast into a recovery house for women who need help in the community.

Ever since, Courtney has gotten lots of support in the community for the shelter, as well as unanimous support from High River’s town council.

Sherri Tanner and her husband, who own two furniture stores in High River, say they first learned about the recovery house when Courtney came in to buy a new fridge.

“The minute that she mentioned that it was faith-based and that she was gonna be working with women and the restoration and healing of women, it was like my ears perked up,” says Sherri.

Many women say they’ve already been helped by the work Courtney has done. Melissa McKnight was the first resident at the home.

She says she began drinking when she was 13 and is thankful she met Kimberley.

“I just came to the house and talked to her and I ended up coming here the next day. I was the first person here and it’s literally saved my life.”

For all that she’s doing to help women pick themselves back up after hitting bottom; Kimberly Courtney is this week’s Inspiring Albertan.