A new mural that was created by students from Calgary and the Tsuut’ina Nation was unveiled at Fort Calgary on Wednesday and is a celebration of indigenous culture, vibrancy and resiliency.

The mural is called ‘Many Hands’ and the hands of many students from the Calgary Arts Academy, Chiila Elementary School and Connect Charter School were involved in its creation.

Fort Calgary received about 100 submissions from the students and the mural was done in the style of tiles so that each student’s contribution could be incorporated.

“I put all those pieces together into one mural, tiled it out and had them all paint the tiles together,” said Megan Leung from Fort Calgary.

The museum and interpretive centre at Fort Calgary is undergoing a complete redesign and officials say the mural will help inspire visitors to learn about our local history.

“We talk about reconciliation a lot nowadays and we want to talk about empowering the kids with building relationships with people in their community to better understand people around them, the local indigenous population and how important they are to our community,” said Leung.

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