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Stampeders defensive stalwart Derek Wiggan tackles his 100th game this weekend

When Derek Wiggan was drafted by the Calgary Stampeders in the fourth round of the 2014 CFL draft, he thought he'd be trying to make the team as a defensive end.

But the Stamps had other things in mind for the Queen's University product.  They wanted him at defensive tackle, which was a one-size bigger position than he was at the time.  Wiggan went back to school that year and knew he had to gain a lot more weight if he was going to last in the CFL trenches on the defensive line.

"When I first got there (Queens), I didn't know I was going to play defensive tackle," Wiggan said. "When I got here I was about 250 pounds (113 kilos) so I was like I don't know if I could play 100 games at my weight back then."

That was 99 games ago and counting.


Back at Queen's, Wiggan went to work gaining weight and muscle.  W hen he returned to Calgary in 2015, he made the team and he's been a fixture on the defensive line ever since.

Wiggan now tips the scales at 138 kilograms (305 pounds) and Stampeder coach Dave Dickenson said he means a lot to the team.

"I love his enthusiasm and he's a good player too," Dickenson aid.

"He doesn't get the notoriety that others get but when you play in the trenches and basically (it's)  hand to hand combat every day you know what to do.  It's a warfare in there and he's done a great job."

The 30-year-old Wiggan says he's not worried that he doesn't get the same amount of attention as other players. In fact, he'd be alright if he didn't get any at all.


The 30-year-old Wiggan said he's not worried that he doesn't get the same amount of attention as other players.  In fact, he'd be fine if he didn't get any at all.

"Oh I prefer it that way.  I'd prefer that you guys don't even know my name," he laughed.

"I'm just all about doing my job and making sure we win games.  That's the number one thing for me.  I'll get rewarded with the rings, the good times, the contracts and all of that stuff.  I don't need the publicity."


What is important to Wiggan is that he has the respect of his teammates.  Fellow defensive lineman Mike Rose said everyone looks up to Wiggan.

"I mean he's the leader of the defensive line," Rose said.

"He's the Batman and the rest of us are Robin and the gang.  He does all the dirty work.  He does the hard jobs.  He's kind of like a plumber, he does all the stuff no one else wants to do but we all need him."


Playing in his 100th game is a big accomplishment for Derek Wiggan.  He may not get the headlines but you know he'll always do the job.  Wiggan said he'd always preferred to do his talking on the field.

"I don't need all the fancy stuff.  You know guys see the work I put in and I think they know and appreciate it."

That much we are sure of Derek.  Wiggan plays his 100th game against the Lions on Saturday afternoon at McMahon Stadium.  Kickoff  is 4:00 pm. Top Stories

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