Bermuda Shorts Day at the University of Calgary is a tradition for many students but some are digging in the dirt instead of tipping a pint to mark the last day of classes this year.

About 120 students signed up for the UCalgary Cares Day of Service and headed out into the community to lend a hand.

“They started it to give students a different opportunity and something else to do rather than partying and drinking in the beer gardens at the U of C. That’s not for everyone and some people would like to remember what they did on their last day of classes, so this is a great way to do that.” said Anisha Mawji with the UCalgary Cares Program.

The Wildwood community garden got some much needed care and attention from 11 U of C students on Monday.

 “We’re digging up all the grass with those heavy roots stuck in the dirt there and we’re going to get some layers of newspaper and compost and manure and different things to set up the beds for the spring and summer to get things growing really well,” said Mawji.

BSD has been around for over fifty years at the University of Calgary and was started by then Gauntlet editor Alan Arthur who wrote “wear shorts tomorrow” on a chalkboard on an April day in 1960.