A Calgary teen has been helping out at the Food Bank since he was six and he is our Inspiring Albertan this week

Kieran Bovingdon, 15, has been delivering food and cash to the Calgary Food Bank and just completed his 10th annual food drive.

When Kieran was five, he went with his family to drop off some mitts and toques at the Mustard Seed.

He asked his mother how people at the seed got food and she told him about the food bank.

“I started thinking of how, how bad I feel when I’m hungry and how I don't like that feeling at all. So I started thinking, well how can we help them? How can we help those people that need those services?  And started snowballing into bigger and bigger ideas,” said Kieran.

Some of the ideas were so big that his parents had to steer him in a more modest direction and the following year they helped him start Kieran's Kolossal Food Drive.

“My parents just figured, well maybe we'll just do like a small party with family and friends and they'll bring over some food and we'll hand out a couple of prizes but people just have really taken a liking to it and it has grown,” he said.

Shawna Ogston of the food bank says Kieran has raised an amazing amount of food and money in those ten years.

“So far Kieran has raised almost $40,000 in food and funds for the Calgary Food Bank. Now since every dollar donated can be leveraged into five dollars that's gone a long way to help families and individuals over the last ten years,” said Ogston.

Kieran is happy to help feed needy Calgarians, but he also likes what the food drive has done for his family and those who have participated over the past decade.

“Well it's just the spirit of the family and friends that come together. That was the most important thing, is just people from all walks of life coming and being together. Maybe they haven't met each other before and just the spirit behind that, seeing how good people are.”

For sticking with it and continuing to raise food and funds for the Calgary Food Bank, Kieran Bovingdon is our inspiring Albertan this week.

(With files from Darrel Janz)