And the cat came back…

A cat, which disappeared during last year’s flood in High River, has returned home.  It's almost a year later!

The cat, named Satan (yes that’s his name) vanished a year ago. 

June 20th, the flood hit and the cat was left alone in the house with food and water during the evacuation.

Ev Neighbour, the cat's owner (if it is possible to own a cat) thought the cat would be found once residents were allowed to return to their homes.

However, the cat was long gone!

It seems the cat escaped through the door which had been forced open by the RCMP during the house-to-house search.

Neighbour says she felt sure he would be fine. She thought "he'll show up somewhere. I said he's moved in with someone and he's running their househould like he rans ours!"

Satan arrived back home Monday, a little dirty and thin, but otherwise in good shape.

It is not clear at this time where the cat had been, or how many of his nine lives he has used up in the past year.