CALGARY -- A local ice cream shop is providing a free treat to Calgarians who cast their vote in the federal election.

All you need to do is show a photo of yourself at a voting location and they will give you a kids scoop in a waffle cone as a thank you for voting.

“For us as a company we just want to make sure that it’s a fun way to encourage Calgarians to go out and it just so happens that it's on Election Day and we want people to go out and exercise their civic duty,” says Miu Au, Village Ice Cream manager.

This is the third time Village Ice Cream has run this promotion. During the last election the company gave away almost 3,000 kid's scoops in waffle cones.

According to Au, there are no political strings attached.

“We don’t care who you vote for just as long as you go out and you do vote.”