Peter Lougheed says he's a big fan of Alison Redford and is encouraging the rest of Alberta to be too.

Former premier Lougheed was the last man to bring down a government in Alberta and he knows the current Progressive Conservatives are in for a tough fight.

"This is a harder campaign for them and it's because we've been there for 40 years and obviously there are difficult and challenging times," says Lougheed.

In 1971 his party managed to defeat the Social Credit – a party that held the power for more than 30 years.

For many, the rise of the Wildrose in this election evokes images of Lougheed's own rise to power.

CTV Calgary asked Lougheed for his thoughts on Danielle Smith as a leader but he makes it a policy not to comment on any party other than the PC's.

Given the current polling numbers, and the potential that 41 years of PC rule may be broken, Lougheed says he just wants to be supportive.

Lougheed says he sees a lot of his leadership style in Redford. "She's a positive thinker and she has an up-to-date view of the province. She knows the issues, she knows the province, she has had great experience internationally and had a great feel for Canada at large."

The former premier would also like to see the PC's who left the party, for the Wildrose, to come back. "I want them to think about it and I want them to listen carefully to what Alison Redford is saying, to reflect on what I've been saying, to look forward to an Alberta in the future."

Lougheed says he and his family have already been out door knocking for Alison Redford during the campaign, and will continue to do so.