Following the announcement by Calgary MP Jason Kenney to pursue the leadership of the Alberta PCs, Wildrose leader Brian Jean says he is willing to work with him or anyone else the party chooses about unity in the right.

Kenney confirmed he would be running for leadership following a 25 minute speech in Calgary on Wednesday.

During the gathering, he called on the core of the Wildrose to join and help him defeat the NDP and prevent the ‘catastrophe’ that would be a second term for Rachel Notley.

“I don’t care what the nagging nabobs of negativity say. It’s what we have done together, in the Conservative Party of Canada,” Kenney said. “If we have done that nationally, it would be a walk in the park to do it in Alberta.”

Brian Jean, the leader of the Official Opposition, didn’t come right out in support of Kenney, but said there is a willingness to see where things will go.

“Truly if the PCs want to participate in consolidating the Conservatives and if they choose that leader that they believe can do that, then let’s talk. We’ve got our dancing shoes on and we’re more than welcome to do some dancing with them.”

He says until the PCs choose their new leader, he just wants to focus on the role of the Wildrose in the current government.

Jean also says that he has his sights set on winning the next election in 2019.