WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park is scheduled to open its summer schedule this weekend and it’s full of family friendly activities.

On Sunday, visitors to the park will be able to get onboard the Monster Zipline, the fastest zipline in North America, flying a distance of 500 metres and hitting speeds of 120 km/h.

The bobsleigh track will also be open on May 18, where a professional pilot takes participants down the same course used in the 1988 Olympics, experiencing speeds in excess of 80 km/h.

Meanwhile, the 1,800-metre downhill karting track, operated by WinSport’s partner Skyline Luge, will open on Saturday. The unique activity involves a twisting track with racers riding on wheeled go karts.

Families looking for a more easy-going activity on the long weekend can also tee up for a game of mini golf on WinSport’s challenging 18-hole course.

Officials say some of the newest features to the park, including the WinSport Bike Park and Free Fall, where participants take the plunge off an eight-metre platform while wearing a bungee harness, are still under construction and are expected to open late next month.

Calgarians interested in booking any of the activities will enjoy a 10 percent local discount, as well as an additional discount if you pre-book or book online.

WinSport says due to poor forecasted weather,the facility will be closed on Saturday and there will be limited operation on Sunday.

More information can be found on WinSport’s website.