A gang expert believes the violence in our city is the start of something bigger.

"When these very, very volatile periods of violence have broken out they've often been a precursor to something bigger - a bigger money making effort and in the Calgary scene that would translate to drug importation or weapons transports coming through the city," says Cathy Prowse, a gang expert from the University of Calgary.

Prowse blames the police service's reluctance to even acknowledge a gang problem prior to 2003 for putting police behind on their efforts to crack down on gangs.

Prowse says police have to gather intelligence in order to find the weak spots within gangs. She says they all have week spots but when resources are put towards homicide investigations instead of intelligence gathering it will take longer to find the gang's weakness.

The latest gang-related homicide investigation involves 20-year-old Matthew Chubak.

Chubak was killed on Tuesday after people in a vehicle opened fire on the SUV Chubak was in. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Court documents obtained by CTV show Chubak was scheduled to go to trial in February on cocaine drug trafficking and proceeds of crime charges.

CTV has also learned he was one of the four victims in the November 16th gang shooting in Chinatown.