After backing her vehicle out of her garage in the neighbourhood of Hillcrest on Saturday, Lindsay Kelly was surprised to see the automatic door reopen but the sight of a fluffy tail led her to quickly understand what happened.

“I decided that I would go Christmas shopping and I had a babysitter here,” said Kelly. “As I backed out, a giant creature came in and tripped the garage sensor.”

“I drove the van forward a little bit and as I pulled up I thought it was a wolf.”

After alerting the babysitter and telling her to stay out of the attached garage, Kelly received a call from a neighbour warning her of a ‘giant creature’ in the area. “I said ‘He’s in my garage. It’s too late, he’s here!’” laughed Kelly. “He’s set up camp and I think he’s going to sleep.”

Kelly says she reviewed the footage from the security camera inside her garage and spotted the animal hunkered down next to a motorcycle. “He was happy as a clam.”

The Airdrie woman contacted Animal Enforcement who informed her that they did not deal with wolves and directed her to the RCMP. Kelly says the RCMP member seemed puzzled by her predicament.

“So he’s in your garage right now?” Kelly said of the RCMP member’s response. “I said ‘Yeah, I can see him on the camera. He’s very happy.’.”

Kelly says two RCMP members arrived and successfully baited the animal, which was determined to be a coyote, into a cage using fresh fish. The wild animal spent roughly 90 minutes inside the attached garage before it was transported to a location outside the city.