Calgary children trick-or-treating Monday night may get more than candy in their loot bags.

Local Christian groups are celebrating "Jesus-ween" with their parishioners handing out bibles to kids when they show up at the door looking for sweets.

Jesus-ween was created by a Calgary pastor and its mission is to spread the word of the gospel.

Christians are also encouraged to take the "evil" out of Halloween by skipping ghoulish costumes and wearing white instead.

The group is spreading their message through social media, including Facebook, where thousands of people are showing support.

CTV Calgary asked some Calgarians for their opinions on Jesusween, with most opposed to the idea.

  • "I think you should keep tradition as it was, without changing those costumes and other things. It's fun for kids."
  • "You have to choose your own religion so I'm not really in agreement with it."
  • "I'm atheist, don't believe in God, so I don't think kids should be pushed into things they don't believe in."
  • "I'm not really religious, so I'd rather have candy but I guess it's cool, promoting their religion."

Organizers behind Jesusween say about 200 bibles will be distributed in Calgary Monday night.

Bibles will be handed out across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.